CimFounder : Celebrities 10th Anniversary  of Cimagencytz Since 2012 - 2021

Cimagencytz Web Design, a pioneering trendsetter in web design market with more than 150 corporates in their clientele, recently celebrated their 10th anniversary in a grand scale.

It is a remarkable achievement, in just 9+ years, to have developed such a large client base including some of the largest and most prestigious corporates in Congo, as well as US ,UK and Australia. Skilled and dedicated team of world-class IT professionals employed by Cimagencytz web Solutions are capable of providing the best solution to business requirement; be it web design, web development, web site maintenance, or web site review service.

The key to Cimagencytz’s success is the philosophy of combining technical proficiency with creative thinking. While many outside the industry would see web design as a dull and heavily technical job, it is in fact a highly creative industry requiring innovative, out-of-the-box solutions. It is that creativity that is the essence and soul of a website, a logo, or a social media post, the thing that makes them stand out against the countless millions of their counterparts. Also, the company has earned a name for search engine marketing, link building, search engine optimization and keyword and market research. In addition to logo design and copywriting, social media branding.

Founder of Cim Agencytz Kay Andre Vamour told that the company has made its mark as the web design company with the largest linkedin page and second largest Facebook fan page in Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, US & Uk. The company can boast that 50% of its businesses are coming from client’s recommendations and 30% from social media while google searches comprising 20%.


We build trust and happy clients and we are committed towards outstanding customers’ expectations by offering excellent and timely business solutions.